Fly 365 is an airline specialized in the supply of commercial aircraft on ACMI and Charter basis, with focus on providing tailor-made services to the aviation and tourism market. FLY365 is offering a wide range of services, to airlines, tour operators, agents, brokers and private customers. We are a reliable partner both for ACMI and charter flight services. We are here for our clients, offering them support for their ACMI ad hoc demands for short, medium and long term.. Our goal is to offer our clients a comfortable and enjoyable charter experience that satisfies their requests. Our team, experienced both in general aviation services and in aviation operations provision, is very flexible toward any special requests and last-minute changes, both for ad hoc ACMI requests and for charter flights. We are here for you to analyse your requirements and tailor our services according to them. Fly 365 operates according to EU OPS and EC 965.

FLEET Boeing 737-300 Capacity 142 seats

Our aircraft can be leased on ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) basis to the airlines that required extra capacity for a specific period and aircraft type.